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We can help you build your style and find your voice

Your brand needs to represent and embody your business. We can help you build you business identity whether it’s coming up with a name, designing a logo, From designating a brand name to developing detailed usage guides, we’re your partner in defining and articulating your business identity.

Whether launching a new brand or revitalizing an existing one, defining your brand provides the map and compass for getting your brand where it wants to go. How you define your brand will define how you speak about your brand, what your core messages are, and what sets you apart from the competition. Why choose you? A strong brand bridges the gap between who you are and how you want to be perceived and how your audience actually sees, thinks, and speaks about you.

By combining the way you think and speak about your brand with market research and consumer trends we are able to design a strategy that lays the framework of what your brand is and will be and which types and methods of communication will allow it to thrive.


A brand is more your logo. It’s how you treat your client; it’s how you perform your services; it’s the quality of your product; it’s what separates you from your competitors. Smart businesses attain success by projecting an exciting image for clients to buy into, but it has to be authentic; anything less and they’ll sniff out the BS. In the end, the right combination of insight, strategy and total market awareness assures that your brand has the clearest vision. So focus and call Scenic City’s branding service.

Logos & Corporate Identity

Every business is trying to convey a message to their potential customers, so think of your logo and corporate identity as part of your visual messaging. That means these items will be communicating something whether it’s intentional or not.

Our team understands iconography, typography, color theory and the principals of making your logo and identity authentic and memorable. Don’t take a shot in the dark with your logo and corporate identity, do something intentional and choose Scenic City for this important work.


Reading tea leaves; conjuring strategies from chicken bones; looking at the future through a crystal ball…all good fun on a Friday night, but not a good way to plan for your business. Scenic City’s Insights Team talks to your prospects; digs through 50 different market databases; and does the foundational research and analysis that leads to a solid marketing plan…I see a phone call to Scenic City in your future…

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