Content Creation For Digital Marketing

Your site is beautiful, but what about your copy?

Potential customers are intelligent and sophisticated, but you’re working with limited attention spans.

Slow burns only work in novels. If you’re going to attract, engage, and convert people who visit your site, you only have a few seconds to work with. We all skim a page, and within seconds we’ve judged the information we take in. If your copy is stale, flat, or just plain difficult to read, you’re already in the red. People want simple, fresh, unique content and succinct messages, they want something they can skim and still find legitimate. Do you want something generic, or do you want modern authenticity?

Content writing can be a daunting task, so don’t overwhelm yourself trying to tackle it alone. Whether you need minor editing, a quick refresh, or have an extensive copy project in mind, we can put together a plan to meet your needs. Give your website its own unique sound with copy from Scenic City. We can even SEO-optimize your content for you.

Before we get started, fill out our project request form and schedule a consultation so we can sit down and determine your goals. Once we’ve established your goals and needs, we’ll start creating content that reflects your business and delivers information to your customers in a professional manner.

Website Copy

With web design, you get 50 milliseconds to establish the visuals of your site as credible—or not. That’s the blink of an eye. Website copy is a little more forgiving…you get a couple of seconds to make your case, but that’s still a small window to work with…

Your content can’t be too subtle, but it can’t be too bold or pushy either.

When you need an authentic voice for your words, and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) messaging that resonates with your target clientele, choose Scenic City for your copywriting needs. We’ll make ever second, and every word, count.

Advertising & Promotional Copy

Great advertising copy and great promotional copy gives your prospects a clear signal that rises above the static and noise in the marketplace. It researches your prospects needs; it treats them with respect; it tells them why they should buy; it goes for a home run. When you’re ready to go big with your advertising or promotional copy, tune in to Scenic City.

Blogging Services

Business Blogging is an awesome way to consistently demonstrate your expertise to your target clientele, plus it can help boost your SEO. The more pages and more content makes Google happy, especially since blog posts increases the number of keywords and phrases within your industry that you’ll start ranking for as Google decides your increasing relevant to people searching. When it comes to content-SEO, the more keywords the merrier.

Bottom line: You get more natural traffic to your website.

If you’re too busy to do keep up with this yourself, bring it to us and we can take care of it for you.

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